2015 Bulls Selling
Charolais Bulls:  

DCR Mr Solution B214
Sire; DCR Soution W13 
MGS; RC Western 8160
Bw 97   205wt 813    365wt 1565  
Reg #  M852687


DCR Mr Suretuff B247 
Sire; SCR Tuffy 0119    
MGS;  WCR Sir Duke 8141
Bw 90     205wt 875     365wt 1509
Reg #  M852690
Homo polled


DCR Mr Buckingham B262  
Sire; LT Ledger  
MGS: LT Easy Pro
Bw 92    205wt 811      365wt 1485
Reg# M852691
Homo polled


DCR Mr Bold Duke B26
Sire; WCR sir duke 8141    
MGS;  EC No Doubt
Bw    88     205wt 836     365wt 1412
Reg# M852662
Homo polled


DCR Mr Laredo B323
Sire; Whitecap Laredo 232T   
MGS;  EC No Doubt
Bw 96   205wt 923     365wt 1459
Reg# M852693
Homo polled


DCR Mr Baldwin B328
Sire; LT ledger  
MGS; BEM Bulldozer 51M
Bw96    205wt845    365wt 1557
Reg# M852692
Homo polled


DCR Mr Thee Answer B342
Sire; DCR mr Solution W13   
MGS; Rio Blanco
Bw 92    205wt 886    365wt  1648
Reg# M852694
Homo polled
Leptin  TT


DCR Mr Bionic Tuff B387
Sire; SCR tuffy 0119   
MGS; Gridlok
Bw 95   205wt  906   365wt  1452
Reg# M852695
Homo polled
Leptin TT

Simmental Bulls:  

DCR Mr Beardsly B37
Sire; DCR Mr Moonshine X102
MGS; WFL Westway 50x
Bw 86    205wt 852    365wt 1368
Reg #  2916499
Homo polled


DCR Mr Brewster B79
Sire; MCM top grade  
MGS; Ellingson 680S  W939
Bw 94    205wt  820   365wt 1480
Reg #  2916372
Homo black and homo polled


DCR Mr Red Braz B115
Sire; LFE Red Ticket  
MGS; WS beef maker
Bw 95   205wt 863   365wt 1486
Reg # 2916461
Homo polled


DCR Mr Blackstone B121
Sire; Ellingson 680S  W939 
MGS; Sure Bet
Bw 92   205wt 821    365wt  1550
Reg# 2916398
Homo polled homo black


DCR Mr Black Bently B239
Sire; MCM top grade   
MGS; bravehart
Bw 92   250wt 843   365wt 1553
Reg# 2916507
Homo polled  hetro black


DCR Mr Banister B295
Sire TR upgrade2772  
MGS SRS Nugget
Bw 92   205wt 836  365wt 1480
Reg# 2916455
Hetro polled  homo black


DCR Mr Boozer  B369
Sire;  DCR mr moonshine X102 
MGS; DCR Ribeye N92
Bw 98  205wt 930  365wt 1564
Reg# 2916509
Homo polled


DCR Mr Bernardo B388 
Sire; DCR mr Moonshine X102  
MGS; beefmaker
Bw 93   205wt 862  365wt 1349
Reg# 2916557
Homo polled

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Raising charolais since 1958
Raising Simmentals since 1968

95 charolais bulls
65 simmental bulls
10 open charolais heifers
10 open Simmental heifers


Auctioneer: Lynn Waushara

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Ellingson 680S W939
WS Beef Maker R13
Dikeman’s Sure Bet
WFL Mr Westway 50X
Reg. 2591177
LFE Red Ticket 340Z
MCM Top Grade
Harvie Boondok 12Z
MR TR Upgrade 2772

Full brother to Hammer

WCR Sir Duke 8141
WDZ Decision 201
Lafraise On Fire 941A
LT ledger
White Cap Laredo
Oakdale Duke
WR Wrangler

JCH Mr Superior W51
JCH Mr Solution W13
HBSF Yanke 49Y
Reg. M821283
SCR Tuffy 0119
Reg. M787626
WINN Mans Bandito 535X
Reg. M821288
SRK Solid Prosper 410Y
Reg. QM200501

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• Feeding and delivery
• Carcass data and all other
performances will be
available at sale time



Doll Simmental
Harlan: 701.843.8771
David: 701.843.7947
Charles: 701.843.8373
3991 36th St.
New Salem, ND 58563

Visitors Always Welcome
West of Bismarck, ND
take I94 to exit 134.
Go 2 miles
north and 1 mile west.

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